Designing the Learning Environment

The impact of the school environment on learning is immense. Many schools recognise the enormous potential that reviewing, adapting and changing their school classrooms, buildings and grounds can have on pupil motivation, readiness for learning and, in turn, progress and attainment.

Nick has a wide range of experience of working with schools to develop and improve their use of classrooms, learning spaces and school grounds. Development of the learning environment does not have to be costly or time consuming and can be a powerful learning tool for pupils. Exploring the layout and use of classrooms to re-purposing areas of the building to provide additional learning space through to revitalising traditional areas such as libraries and school gyms to meet the needs of 21st century education can all be addressed with pupil engagement.

Nick sits on the advisory board of the highly successful English Heritage education project, Engaging Places. This project provides a wide range of teaching and learning resources to help schools, their pupils and their wider community to engage with the built environment.

Within this area of consultancy support activities include:

  • Working with the school leadership team to create a strategic plan for the school environment
  • Developing an audit of the environment with, pupils, teachers and parents
  • Working with teachers and pupils to ascertain what makes a good learning environment (from classroom through to whole school environment)
  • Developing the use of the school grounds to maximise learning potential
  • Supporting presentations by pupils and school staff to other stakeholders